• Provocative, erudite, and sometimes hysterically funny, this podcast marries impeccable science with creative out of the box thinking.

    -Barbara Natterson-Horowitz, NY Times bestselling author of Zoobiquity, Professor at UCLA and Harvard

    Terrific podcasts—stimulating, intellectually broad, provides entirely novel perspectives.

    -David Buss, bestselling author of The Evolution of Desire, Professor at UT Austin

    A great listen - intriguing, relatable and so true! You will learn a lot about your world and yourself.

    -Pauline Davies, award-winning radio broadcaster, host and producer for BBC World Service, Professor at ASU

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  • Have you been zombified?

    Is something taking over your brain? Zombified is a new podcast about how we are vulnerable to being hijacked by things that are not us. From microbes hijacking behavior, to humans influencing each other, to our brains being taken over by social media, we talk about why zombification happens, why we are susceptible to it, and what we can do about it. Hosted by Dr. Athena Aktipis, a Psychology Professor at ASU and the founder of the Zombie Apocalypse Medicine Alliance, and co-hosted by zombie enthusiast Dave Lundberg-Kenrick, “Zombified” takes a radically interdisciplinary approach to the science of zombification. If you enjoy fresh brains, this podcast is for you!

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  • Season 3

    Apocalyptish Times

    Apocalyptish Times: Season 3 premiere

    Athena & Dave with guests

    The Toxopocalypse

    Jessica Brinkworth

    Who's on your Z-team?

    Cam Carlson


    Matt Meier


    Scott Brooks


    Chelsey Weber-Smith

    Perfect Storm

    Clyde Cain


    Robert Frank

    Social web

    Tamas David Barrett


    Cathryn Townsend

    Zombie Politics

    Mary Ziegler

    Zombie Politics

    Mary Ziegler

    The Infopocalypse

    Kristy Roschke

  • Season 2

    Undead love

    Undead love: Season 2 premiere

    Athena & Dave

    Love zombies

    Diana Fleischman

    Pill brain

    Sarah Hill

    Placental hijacking

    David Haig

    Microchimeric mombie

    Amy Boddy

    My GPS made me do it

    Katina Michael

    Bat shit

    David Quammen


    Nicola Raihani

    Imitate this!

    Cristine Legare

    The age of ascension

    Lee Cronk

    Social parasites

    Doug Kenrick

    Screen time

    Ilana Rein

    Adapted for the Apocalypse

    Mike Gurven

  • Season 1 Episodes

    Get Zombified

    00 Get Zombified!

    Our season 1 live launch episode.

    01 The puppypocalypse

    02 The mindfulness cure

    03 Stress zombies

    04 The zombie diet

    05 Monster algorithms

    06 Zombie friends

    07 Laugh like a zombie

    08 Microbial Zombification

    09 Microbial Zombification

    10 Curiosity kills

    11 Insatiable

    12 Duct tape before guns

  • Brain Snacks Mini Episodes

    Perfect for snacking between seasons

    The Sound of the Apocalypse

    Lee Miles


    Clive Wynne

    Dave's Mindfulness

    Athena & Dave

    Zombified by design

    Neil Smith

    Loving exploitation

    Mark Flinn

  • About Zombified

    We are all zombified

    Zombified is an educational podcast about how we are vulnerable to be controlled by things and what that means for our future. It features interviews with ASU Psychology Department faculty, other ASU faculty and scholars from outside of ASU talking about forces beyond our control that affect our behavior. It covers diverse disciplines including evolutionary biology, psychology, parasitology, microbiology, computer science and more.


    Zombified is supported by the ASU Psychology Department, the ASU Interdisciplinary Cooperation Initiative and the Zombie Apocalypse Medicine Alliance.

  • Your Zombified hosts

    Athena Aktipis

    I love brains

    Your host, Athena Aktipis, is a Psychology Professor at Arizona State University, the Director of ASU's Interdisciplinary Cooperation Initiative and the Chair of the Zombie Apocalypse Medicine Alliance. She started this podcast because she loves brains.

    Dave Lundberg-Kenrick

    I can't believe this is really happening

    Your co-host, Dave Lundberg-Kenrick, is a filmmaker, media specialist and zombie movie enthusiast. Dave is also part of the Psychology Department at ASU, but his official title is so long and convoluted that he can't even remember what it is.

  • Your Z-Team

    Aktipis Lab Z-Team

    Who's on your Z-team?

    Zombified is supported by many awesome Z-team volunteers in the Aktipis Lab (also known as the Cooperation and Conflict Lab), including graduate students, undergraduates and lab staff.


    by Tal Rom

    Learn more about our wonderful sound editor, Tal Rom.


    by Neil Smith

    Visit the website of our amazing illustrator, Neil Smith.


    Psychological by Lemi

    It's something psychological with you - makes me act the way I do.

    Listen to our theme song "Psychological" by the very talented Lemi and featuring Novi.

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