A new podcast lurching forward Spring 2019

  • Are you in control?

    Are you really in control of your life? Zombified is podcast about how we are vulnerable to being controlled by things. From microbes hijacking behavior, to humans influencing each other, to our brains being taken over by social media, we will talk about why zombification happens, why we are susceptible to it and what we can do about it. Hosted by Dr. Athena Aktipis, a Psychology Professor at ASU and the founder of the Zombie Apocalypse Medicine Alliance, “Zombified” takes a radically interdisciplinary approach to the science of zombification. If you enjoy fresh brains, this podcast is for you!

  • Who is zombified?

    The zombified team

    Athena Aktipis

    I love brains

    Your host, Athena Aktipis, is a Psychology Professor at Arizona State University, the Director of ASU's Interdisciplinary Cooperation Initiative and the Chair of the Zombie Apocalypse Medicine Alliance. She started this podcast because she loves brains.

    Dave Lundberg-Kenrick

    I can't believe this is really happening

    Your co-host, Dave Lundberg-Kenrick, is a filmmaker, media specialist and zombie movie enthusiast. Dave helps produce the podcast in addition to being your awesome co-host. He is also part of the Psychology Department at ASU, but his official title is so long and convoluted that he can't even remember what it is.

  • Episodes

    Coming soon. Really soon. We promise.

    Beware of smartphone zombies

    Does your smartphone hijack your evolved psychology?

    In this episode, we hear from evolutionary psychologist Doug Kenrick about how to resist becoming a smartphone zombie - and how our iDevices tap into our evolved psychology to get us to do things that might not be in our best interests.

    Stress zombies

    Are you zombified by stress?

    If you're zombified by stress, this episode is definitely for you. We talk with stress and mindfulness expert Mary Davis about how stress changes the way we think and makes us more vulnerable to being manipulated. Mary also gives us a crash course in how to use mindfulness practice to counteract the mind-less-ness of being a stressed out zombie.

    The puppy-pocalypse

    Do puppies zombify us with their cuteness?

    If you have a dog, then yes, you are zombified by your dog. This episode, we hear from dog expert Clive Wynne about where dogs come from, how they tap into our attachment systems and why puppies are so damn cute.  

    Zombie friends

    Do your friends control you? Is that even a bad thing?

    Your friends have your best interests at heart. Don't they? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. In this episode, friend expert Jaimie Krems talks about the good and the bad of friends influencing our behavior. She also offers some tips on dealing with controlling friends without getting zombified.

  • About Zombified

    We are all zombified

    Zombified is an educational podcast about how we are vulnerable to be controlled by things and what that means for our future. It features interviews with ASU Psychology Department faculty, other ASU faculty and scholars from outside of ASU talking about forces beyond our control that affect our behavior. It covers diverse disciplines including evolutionary biology, psychology, parasitology, microbiology, computer science and more.


    Zombified is supported by the ASU Psychology Department, the ASU Interdisciplinary Cooperation Initiative and the Zombie Apocalypse Medicine Alliance.

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    What zombifies you? We'd love to hear your thoughts on great topics for new shows or fresh brains to bring on the show!